Pallatrax Goes Squabs (Pillow Boilie Baits) Only

Pallatrax Goes Squabs (Pillow Boilie Baits) Only

The day has arrived where we are now in a position to stop making round boiled baits and go solely with our Squab format of boiled baits. This is something we have wanted to do for many a year and now that more and more anglers are truly appreciating the real benefits of the Squab format we are in a position to make this change.

Some may think this will be a radical move but in truth we have always promoted the value of Squabs above round boilies and believe these baits are a far more efficient bait format – but why? Boilies in mass production are formed by machinery that will only make them round and only designed to do this for ease of production and therefore cost efficiency – certainly not a shape that has been designed for angling efficiency.

The ONLY reason we can see any benefit (albeit tiny) is use within a throwing stick and there is a misguided belief by some that this is why boilies are round. This is simply not the case and if you think about it the throwing stick was invented after the round bait and not before i.e. We’ve made this thing called a throwing stick and now we have to develop a shape that works! If you take this miniscule advantage and then look at the following list you will probably realise why we designed Squabs. It won’t be for all but there is a serious move by many anglers across to the Squab format with more understanding as well as thousands of fish that have fallen to the design.

It won’t catch you less and can certainly catch you more – a genuine edge and one we take very seriously.

Why are boilies round?

  1. Boilies are only round because of the production process and not for an efficient shape.
  2. Boilies have smooth side and therefore easier to eject – whereas a Squab has four corners.
  3. A round shape is the most efficient shape to displace water and therefore moves faster through water again making for easier ejection.
  4. We know that fish are wary by association so if the majority of anglers are using round shapes and fish have the ability to be wary of such then offering another shape has got to be a genuine option. Further proof to this is that many anglers cut their boilies down so not to be round!
  5. The industry has never been able to list the benefits of round as they really don’t exist and the concept that a round shape is better does not stand up to in depth scrutiny.
  6. A round shape does not always hold up when fishing onto slopes and especially not in moving water meaning the potential of poor presentation as well as the inability to accurately bait up.
  7. In no other area of fishing will you see a round bait presentation
  8. A round shape is one of the few ‘unnatural’ shapes within nature.

Why are Squabs shaped like they are?

In reality to simply look at overcoming the many obvious flaws within the round formats in our quest to catch more fish.

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