Pallatrax Launches Catch More Fish TV

Pallatrax Launches Catch More Fish TV

Pallatrax’s Catch More Fish TV – Last week several members of Team Pallatrax ventured to one of our Associated Fisheries, the beautiful Carp Societies water at Lechlade – Horseshoe Lake. With the continued growth of Pallatrax it has always been our intention to start our own filming which is designed to not only show how easy the products and tactics are to use, but also to prove the products in action and as our tag line suggest to Catch More Fish!

Until now we have always struggled to get our view point across to the angler as many media outlets have decided not to promote us (why?) but fortunately with the power of Face Book, YouTube and on line in general this has dramatically changed. By shooting these films in house we can now really start to shout to a much bigger and enthusiastic audience and this will be just the start of filming here and abroad. We’ve also been very fortunate to tie in with Ross Birnie of BeeFly TV who will film all of our exploits and adventures going forward. Ross, who professionally films for the likes of Sky TV, has a particular skill for filming angling and nature programmes and we’re excited that he is involved in our journey. Ross’s company really does specialise within this sector and supplies all aspects including drone, underwater, wildlife and action films.

In essence this inaugural filming was designed to shoot a number of mini films to explain some of the products and tactics in more detail but with anglers fishing with them in the back ground at the same time. Though  the conditions were far from ideal, with blazing sun and calm conditions, we all caught some lovely carp to over 24lb and Tench to just short of 9lb, as well as getting a number of mini films in the bag.

Our first offering had to start off with looking at giving a better explanation of why we fish with the Stonze weights and we hope that this short film goes a long way in explaining this. Please watch out for more and more films being released and if you ever want any questions you may have made into a mini film just drop us a line, we have a lot to explain going forward and we hope that you enjoy and also you’ll pick up a few ideas along the way.

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