Pallatrax New Pop-Up Range

Pallatrax New Pop-Up Range

Pallatrax is pleased and excited to announce the latest in a number of product launches planned throughout 2020 with a massive new Pop Up range to complement our successful Jungle (Tigernut and Peanut) and Crave (Crab, Plum and Cranberry) bait ranges. This comprehensive assortment of 48 different Pop-Ups comprises of Boilies and Squabs in both 10mm and 14mm, and also includes a high visibility Fluorescent range in; White, Pink, Orange and Yellow.

The Squab Pop-Ups add another genuine edge within your angling as the shape has been shown to be difficult for a fish to eject, due to its shape and four corners, and also benefits against those ultra-wary fish which may spook off the traditional round shaped baits. The 10mm Boilies or Squabs Pop-Ups are extremely effective and can be fished as a single through to creating a ‘wafter’ style bait when used within a Snowman set up.

Great emphasis has been put into the design of this range which is hand-rolled in the UK using only the highest quality ingredients including tried and tested flavours and attractors proven to have caught literally 1000’s of fish over the years. You can be assured particular focus has also been put into manufacturing a range that is exceptionally buoyant and these Pop-Ups can be used to great advantage for both Zig and surface fishing tactics.

It is with a great degree of confidence to say that this bait range will help you to catch more fish – good luck!

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