Pallatrax Sponsors Polish Anglers Association Coarse Fishing Grand Prix 2019

Pallatrax Sponsors Polish Anglers Association Coarse Fishing Grand Prix 2019

Polish Anglers Association – Grand Prix Coarse 2019

Polish Anglers Association Hosts Coarse Fishing Grand Prix Competition 2019

The Polish Anglers Association (PAA) is hosting a Coarse Fishing Grand Prix with matches at various locations across the UK this year. Sponsored by Pallatrax, manufacturers of baits, weights, and terminal tackle for better catch rates and healthier fish, the matches present an exciting opportunity for anglers of all ages to win a Pallatrax voucher or a cash prize.
The Grand Prix main prize is £400 for first place, £250 for second place, and £200 for third place. It will consist of ten matches, and the overall winner of the Grand Prix will be the angler with the highest score according to the fish they have caught across all the individual competitions and the number of competitions they entered. Anglers must be a member of the PAA if they want the points they accrue in any competition to count towards the Grand Prix and to stand a chance of winning the main prize.
The PAA is, therefore, urging angling enthusiasts to join their Club or sign up for a competition and take part in the UK-wide event to be in with a chance of winning the main prize.
The PAA is a non-profit organisation formed by individuals who share a passion for fishing, the environment and the preservation of the natural resources that enable anglers to enjoy the sport.
Pallatrax share the same ethos as the PAA. Suppliers of fishing bait and fishing tackle, their motto is ‘Catch More Fish’ and they aim to make fishing more accessible to the whole family, as well provide quality bait, weights, tackle and fishing systems to the serious angler.
‘I am very pleased to be able to sponsor the Polish Angling Association and especially their Grand Prix matches throughout 2019,’ said Simon Pomeroy, Managing Director of Pallatrax Angling International Ltd. ‘Sponsorship was an easy choice for me to make. This is a fantastic group of anglers who have a similar ethos to angling within the UK and abroad as we do, with the environment and the safety, health and prosperity of fish being a priority. I’m confident that this is the start of a long and enjoyable relationship which will no doubt carry on growing.’

The PAA points out that an angler does not have to be a member of the PAA Club to participate in any individual competition for which there are prizes from Pallatrax. Prizes are a £50 Pallatrax voucher for first place, £30 for second place, and £10 for third place for each competition.
Members Matches will take place at the following locations:
• River Trent at Stoke Bardolph on 8, 9, and 10 March
• Kennet and Avon Canal at Froxfield on 5 May
• Marsh Farm Fishery on 25 May
• River Trent at Collingham on 21, 22, and 23 June
• Lindholme Lakes on 29 June
• River Trent at Gunthorpe Weir on 23, 24, and 25 August (Barbel)
• Drayton Reservoir on 20, 21, and 22 September (Carp)
• River Wye at Wyecliff on 18, 19, and 20 October
• Messingham Sands Fishery on 17 November
• River Test at Timsbury on 1 December
Competition entry fee is £5 for members of the PAA Club and £10 for non-members, plus the fee for the fishery. To enter, contact the Polish Anglers Association via a private message on Facebook, or email [email protected]

About The Polish Anglers Association
Founded in 2013, the PAA is the largest registered Polish angling club in the UK. With over 80 members and over 3000 associates, their principal goals are education and the integration of foreign anglers within the British angling community. Members believe that through education, the sport itself and the resources upon which fishing depends can be preserved and advanced. Aiming to be widely acknowledged as a role model and supporter of youth fishing, the PAA provide anglers with opportunities to meet and pursue their hobby, improve their skills, and promote the protection of the natural environment and fishing ethics.
Marcin Szymborski
07824 607511
[email protected]
Simon Pomeroy
07415 989989
[email protected]

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  • Me Brett Cox Reply

    Hi,I would like to join team pallatrax,
    I am a keep angler who fishes at least twice a month on club waters. I’m mainly a match fisherman. And due to start the open matches at partridge lakes.the reason I ask you is because you seem to have a great angle on the bait market. One which other big names don’t put across.
    Instagram ‘Cox5278’
    Many thanks

    5th September 2019 at 4:06 pm

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