Pallatrax Stonze Fishing Weights Arrive At Gillhams

Pallatrax Stonze Fishing Weights Arrive At Gillhams

The team at Pallatrax are exceptionally excited that the Gillhams Fishing Resort in Thailand, has received their first delivery of Stonze Fishing Weights.

Below is a statement from their Facebook page.

“Like kids at Christmas; many thanks to our sponsor Pallatrax for the first sample of Stonze for us to use as a lead alternative.

As mentioned previously Pallatrax chose Gillhams Fishing Resorts to be the only lake in Thailand to represent their products. Other responsible lakes in Thailand are buying Stonze and Pallatrax products because they know they provide products with fish safety and water quality issues in mind, they have seen catch rates increase using Stonze weights.

Gillhams Fishing Resorts are proud that Pallatrax chose us to be the flagship for their products; we are not using Pallatrax just because they don’t charge us, we are using Pallatrax because we believe in the product.

We are now providing all our anglers with Stonze, over the next few months’ lead will be phased out and banned from Gillhams. We are sure that our customers will see improved catch rates, we already know our water quality and fish will benefit from us no longer contaminating our water with toxic lead!!

Pallatrax are also having their excellent Gripz hooks made in bigger sizes with extra strong wire, these hooks have fish care in mind and should be in use at Gillhams within 3 months. Watch this space as we work with Pallatrax to bring out further products, with fish care more important than obscene profits!!”

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