Pallatrax Stonze – Natural Stone Fishing Weight – The Advantages!

Pallatrax Stonze – Natural Stone Fishing Weight – The Advantages!

We completely believe Stonze has totally revolutionised the way we fish, and all for the better, which understandably begs these two questions:

  1. So why do we use Stonze natural weights as our ONLY general weight, and as a Method Feeder?
  2. So why don’t we fish with lead?

We fish Stonze as not only are they proven to help us to catch more fish but also, when you stop and actually think about it, it really does make complete sense! To not realise the benefits would be denying the truth around how fish react within their own world and their biology, which contains an array of super sensitive senses! It has never been about what we as anglers see, but what the fish actually senses.

  • Unlike man-made weights and feeders, Stonze are made from totally natural stones, just as nature has provided us with. We know man-made can scare fish and potentially change the way they feed.
  • We use Stonze as an ADVANTAGE, a proven angling tactic that has caught us thousands upon thousands of fish, from massive Carp to incredible hits of huge Tench, from record breaking Barbel through to personal best Chub. The lead or feeder is only a disadvantage bar being a weight.
  • We use the Stonze to devastating effect as our Method Feeder. Just think how large and obtrusive the man made Method Feeders are and trying to camouflage them makes zero difference: they remain alien within the fish’s ecology. Think like a fish and not how the media tells you to think! Your mix breaks down and next to your hook baits is merely an innocuous stone, part of the fish’s environment.
  • Being porous, Stonze cane be flavoured with water-based flavour – allowing for further attraction by a unique tactic
  • They are truly natural colours and not the ‘gimmick’ of the poor attempts at camouflaging we see with leads and feeders. I’m sorry, but painting a man-made object a different colour makes zero difference; it is still alien to the fish we seek, those pressured fish who we really need to try and trip up!
  • Various shapes from round for distance through to flatter ones for fishing shelves and especially good within moving waters.
  • Real value for money, a hand finished product of the highest quality that not only gives a huge amounts of unique benefits (as it in an exclusive product) but it is a general weight and a method feeder combined. So you will catch more whilst paying less!!
  • Lead is a known toxin and banned in some countries with more looking to follow suit as more evidence against the negatives of lead is realised. As fishery owners, do we want discarded leads within the substrate of our waters causing untold damage to the delicate biomass that lives and breeds within this fragile environment, which we need to be protecting for our fishes’ safety, for one thing! Stonze remove all of those fears by being non-toxic including the swivel and bond.
  • It is a huge confidence builder, as it should be, with all the facts to support and the increase catch reports consistently coming through from all over the world.
  • The benefits are not species specific. Wherever you have used a man-made weight, you can now use Stonze and realise the benefits works on all species across the planet.

So why don’t we fish with lead?

  • It is the largest and most obtrusive part of your terminal tackle and, therefore, the first thing that the fish would sense as alien. Look at the match angler, they scale down for more bites which means that by scaling up, i.e. being more obtrusive, will mean you catch less!
  • They are just a weight with the man-made disadvantages.
  • Increasingly more expensive.
  • Lead is a known toxin that is subject to being banned, you only have to realise from reading the European Chemicals Agency recent terrible summary on the ill effects of lead within angling to both human health and the environment in general: Whatever the detractors around this say, should we not be now questioning why an area as huge as Catalonia has banned lead in angling and the whole of Holland has instigated a phase out plan? In truth, the simple answer is that lead is dangerous, especially if handled by children or within the smelting processes.
  • As experienced anglers, fishery and tackle shop owners, we can clearly see all the flaws of lead and long ago gave up on the denials within the trade and sports. Just because our sport is in denial, we, as anglers, don’t need to be. By questioning everything and assuming nothing, we have ended up with factual conclusions within a topic where the narrative we are given by certain market leaders and within elements of the angling media is now provably flawed.
  • We don’t need to! Why would we go ‘backwards’ with the incredible success we have on Stonze, with all of their unique tactical approaches and proven benefits?

There never was a gimmick, just a well-researched and now well-proven tactical change to how we fish for our chosen quarry. Getting rid of that large, obtrusive lump of toxic lead, etc, and replacing with a natural weight that helps you to improve your catch rate only makes real sense. Fishing with these non-toxic weights is only a plus for the environment and, as anglers, should we not all be responsible within the this incredibly delicate environment? 1000s of tons of lost lead, as one well known water quality Scientist, Vernon Thomas, once stated: “This huge amount of lost fishing lead is a serious worry and an environmental time bomb waiting to explode” – should we be adding to this problem or resolving it?

We really do hope you embrace this exciting and productive way of fishing as, with no arrogance, we truly believe it will, like it has us, change your angling for the better.

If you are interested, we also have a massive Team Pallatrax initiative which is an awesome, and safe, community of like-minded anglers, and it is FREE to join.

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