Pallatrax Team Member, Keith Powell, shares his thoughts on how Pallatrax has helped his fishing

Pallatrax Team Member, Keith Powell, shares his thoughts on how Pallatrax has helped his fishing

On reflection, my carp fishing prior to November last year had been very hit and miss, I had a fair number of carp in my first season back (82) but I had tried every main brand bait in every flavour going, tried all sorts of rigs, PVA bags, you know how it goes.
On one of my miss days, I started to trawl through You Tube probably looking for divine intervention and I came across Pom and Pallatrax.
After watching a few of the videos I thought to myself :-
Stonze – Gimmick or true edge?
HNV baits – Really! Carp eat anything right?
Gamma line – Never heard of it!
Method – That’s only for match fishing isn’t it?
Pillow shaped Squab baits – Boilies are supposed to be round for a reason aren’t they?
I could go on but you get the gist.
In November 2023 I gave the Stonze, bait and carp crush a go but still used my old line and rigs.
I noticed that I started to have a lot more action on my rods but lost a few fish and my main well-known branded line kept twisting and I was getting frustrated.
I then decided to go 100% Pallatrax products for my fishing; Gamma line, Stonze, Gripz hooks, baits etc – the full nine yards, as they say.
I hope you can see from my posts on the Team Facebook page that I haven’t looked back., I had a tally up this morning and since January I’ve had 59 carp, a few bream and some tench!
I have though had other anglers comment on my fishing since joining my new lake namely :-
“You use a stone – makes no difference Carp are only interested in food!”
“Using pastes or method mix for Carp doesn’t work that’s okay for match fishing, you need to put down a carpet of boilies to get them interested!”
“Carp only eat fish meal boilies on this lake mate, those square ones are not going in a throwing stick.”

What I would now say is my opinion but with some confidence is this:-
Stonze are a true edge not just because they blend in but are so versatile; soaking them in flavours, wrapping method mix puts food where I want it and really helps in my soft bottomed lake, also I personally have improved my accuracy with a wrapped Stonze better that I ever did with a lead weight.
HNV baits just make sense – feed the carp what’s good for them and the environment and I have found I am using a lot less baits to catch more fish.
Gamma line – Game changer for me, even comes with instructions on how to load it onto your reels – no water bucket required and no line twists!
Method mix – I would say using a wrapped Stonze really felt alien to me at first but another game changer, all I will say is I wouldn’t fish without it.
Squabs – My go to bait in either bottom baits or pop ups, I think I must have most of the super boosted flavours in the range now and with all the silver fish in my lake are a real edge. I’ve got a throwing stick available if anyone wants one!! Three baits on a stringer is all I need.
So that’s my thoughts on the Pallatrax products I’ve been using, what I can say is that it has improved both my catch rate and consistency, it has also given me a new confidence in my fishing but most of all I am now really enjoying my time on the bank.
Pom, Sue and the Team give excellent advice and support, no question is a stupid question as we are all still learning and Tini works miracles on the deliveries.
If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post – Well done and Tight lines everyone!

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