The Pallatrax Team Take On Wyreside Lakes

The Pallatrax Team Take On Wyreside Lakes

After our team member Rich Shaw visited Wyreside Lakes at the opening of the new Foxs lake carp water in April, he has been buzzing about the fishery. So, Abbey, John and I decided to visit intending to write of our exploits and hopefully successes with a mini-feature on the resident Bream & Tench, and we were certainly not disappointed by the end of our short visit.  After talking with Sally (one of the partners at Wyreside), she recommended that we fish the RIVER LAKE because it had a good head of Bream and specimen Tench. After a minute drive from the reception, we duly arrived at the River Lake -named such as the River Wyre runs at the back of the water. Abbey decided on peg one, John picked peg two, and I was 50 yards further along the lake on peg three – these are all the roadside swims with parking directly behind.

The first thing that struck me was the colour of the water; this indicated to me that the fish were feeding well and churning up the lake bed, which for any angler is a good sign and a welcome sight. We then had a short talk to decide what method each one of us would prefer to use. Abbey decided to fish the Stonze system comprising of a 2oz inline stone a 3-inch stumpy steamlink rig with a GRIPZ size ten hook. Abbey’s hook bait choice was Pallatrax jungle 14mm boilie. John, however, having a background in match angling, decided to use a pole putting to good use one of our most recent developments Match Midgets as his hook bait choice in the popular Meat Beast flavour. I decided to float fish in the margins (approx 2ft from the bank ) and to alternate between hook baits, cockles flavoured with Crave overspray, Hidra small water snails, and Hidra water mussels were my choice.


I started by plumbing the swim and found it had a good sloping drop down to a depth of two metres; I decided to fish half way down the slope as in my experience Tench prefer to feed on a marginal slope. My ground bait mix was Pallatrax bloodworm & maggot crush with crushed hemp & flavoured with black

molasses a real favourite with Tench. After 20 minutes I was into my first fish of the session which turned out to be a beautiful female weighing 5lb-5oz, then the floodgates opened, and Tench just kept on coming. My total for the day was 19 Tench the biggest was a female weighing 8lb-4ozs. Included in my catch that day were several Carp, Bream, Eels, Roach and a jack pike! A fantastic result on a beautiful, intimate lake, and a Tench anglers dream!

PEG 2 John, fishing on the pole had a very productive day also. Fishing at 13metres, he was testing the newest bait range from Pallatrax called match midgets a 6mm Dumbell, which is available in several flavours, catching a huge amount of bream, roach and several carp weighing up to 10lb. In the early evening, John switched to the Stonze system with fantastic results, as darkness approached John decided not to use a head torch or any lighting, placing the line over his finger to detect bites. He continued to catch Bream after Bream until 4 am when he decided to catch up on some sleep ready for the next day!


Abbey decided at the very beginning to use one method for the 48-hour session which was the Pallatrax Stonze system, which was made up of a 2oz inline stone and a 3inch steam link rig with a size 10 Gripz hook. This combined with Pallatrax 14mm JUNGLE boilies had Abbey from her very first cast into fish. She went on to catch bream up to 8lb-5ozs, carp to 16lb and 13 tench which included a fish of a lifetime a stunning male tench weighing 9lb-3ozs- huge for a male Tench anywhere so to find this gem in a Wyreside lake came as a surprise all round even it seemed for the owners. Look out for full information and pictures of this fish in next weeks Anglers Mail, a worthy story

SUMMING UP: Wyreside is a premier Northwest fishery -they don’t come much better than this. The fishing is top draw as the saying goes, with great access, roomy pegs, clean toilets & shower facilities, with a very well-stocked tackle shop and friendly and welcoming service, it’s a credit to Sally and her team. What she and they achieved in creating this fishery and camping complex is commendable. It is stunning, and I would like to say THANKYOU so much Sally for our visit and all the help and kindness you showed Abbey, John and myself.

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