Catch More Fish TV

Reel Adventures will show you various members of Team Pallatrax taking our unique and innovative products far and wide and proving that our products and tactics really do help you to catch more fish.

As genuine innovators of baits and product ranges, there is always the need for an element of clarification. In essence, innovation needs explanation.

Within our Hints & Tips video library we will demonstrate the reasoning behind our range’s development and how you can use our products to increase your catch rates.

Then Reel Adventures will show Pallatrax Team members off on their angling adventures to various venues, both in the UK and abroad, putting our baits and tactics into practice.

Boosting The Attraction To Your Fishing Hook Bait

Boosting the attraction to your hook bait is a huge advantage and can make a massive difference to increase your catch rate.

Summer Carp Fishing at Trilakes Country Park in Yateley

A short carp fishing session at Trilakes in Yateley, Pallatrax Team member Darren Higgins lands these two stunning carp.

Environmentally Friendly Stonze Natural Fishing Weights

They also have a host of exclusive benefits that no other weight has, and combined with the environmental aspects really are, in our opinion, the most efficient fishing weight on the planet!

A Fantastic Carp Fishing Session at Watmore Farm Fishery

Tom our IT director from Pallatrax had a short-day session at a local fishery called Watmore Farm, based just outside of Yateley in Surrey.

Barbel Fishing The River Wye Llanthomas fishery in Herefordshire

Historically Barbel fishing has incorporated the use of man made leads and long hook links but what if there was another way, even a better way?

Carp Fishing TV At Horseshoe Lake, Lechlade – The Carp Society

Welcome to the inaugural film of Catch More TV, Pallatrax’s in house filming that is designed to highlight how easy and efficient our products and tactics are to use to help the angler to Catch More Fish.

Fishing Appeals To All Age Groups – Pallatrax Catch More Fish

Team Manager from Pallatrax Matt Lane and his son Patrick sit down and have a chat about fishing and some of our Pallatrax fishing baits.

Can’t Cast A Pallatrax Stonze Natural Stone Fishing Weight??

A few have suggested that these weights cannot be cast effectively or at great distances. Obviously this can never be the case; a weight is a weight and, as long as your Stonze are of a reasonably aerodynamic shape, any good angler can easily cast them effectively.

Carp Fishing With Pallatrax Pastes This Winter

Pallatrax Team Member Dan Carey is talking about using Pallatrax Pastes for winter carp fishing

Fishing With A Natural Stone Weight, Glug and Natural Maggot Powder

Pallatrax Team Member Darren Otter talks about using the Pallatrax Natural Stone fishing weight alongside the Pallatrax super sticky jungle fishing glugs and dried maggot powders.