Finygo Mobile Fishing App

The fishing app Finygo and Pallatrax have joined forces.

They promise bring anglers the very best innovative products to help carp anglers catch more fish.

No one wants to carry a spiral notebook around to use as a fishing log, but now that we all carry mobile phones around with us to take photos of our catches, it’s easy to create your own personal fishing guides and record your angling achievements using the Finygo app.

Finygo is an fishing app which you use to record fishing trips automatically, log your catches, identify trends and tactics from your own experiences and those of other anglers. You can share these with whoever you choose, or keep them secret – your choice.

Download The App Now

Start By Fishing

Finygo tracks your fishing day using the GPS on your Phone. Add your catches to the spots it detects or add your own. Then share with your friends.

Repeat Previous Successes

It’s not a coincidence when you or your friends catch a big fish. But how often can you remember all the details when you revisit the spot, or experience the same conditions? Recall your past successes is now quick and easy.

Improve Your Watercraft

Pinpoint underwater features you or your friends have previously discovered. Record and receive information on how to fish those hot spots or honey holes.

Discover New Tactics & Skills

Use your experience to identify new trends and patterns in your past trips. Connect with your friends to increase your pool of knowledge and learn even faster.

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