Catch More Fish TV

Reel Adventures will show you various members of Team Pallatrax taking our unique and innovative products far and wide and proving that our products and tactics really do help you to catch more fish.

As genuine innovators of baits and product ranges, there is always the need for an element of clarification. In essence, innovation needs explanation.

Within our Hints & Tips video library we will demonstrate the reasoning behind our range’s development and how you can use our products to increase your catch rates.

Then Reel Adventures will show Pallatrax Team members off on their angling adventures to various venues, both in the UK and abroad, putting our baits and tactics into practice.

Surface Fishing For Carp – The Importance Of Carp Bait Preparation

Team Pallatrax member Dale Hunter has put together this video with his approach on bait preparation when going out surface fishing for carp.

The Stonze Age – Pallatrax’s Revolutionary Stonze System

Pallatrax’s revolutionary Stonze System, in combination with the Method tactic, is an incredibly devastating way to consistently catch more fish.

The Best Spod Mix – Pallatrax Sick Mix Groundbait

Rich interprets his view on a baiting strategy known by us at Pallatrax as adding the "sick". Its one of our favourite ways to create what we refer to as the "Bird Table" effect in any Lake without filling them up.

Glugging A Hook Bait With Pallatrax Naturals Powderz

The Pallatrax range of Powderz shown here is a 100 percent natural ingredient Rich explains it here in conjunction with the Glugs range as a bait flare to enhance your hook bait further.

Glugging A Hook Bait With Pallatrax Dried Naturals

The Pallatrax range of Glugs shown here is available to complement each of the unique and long-standing successful bait ranges that the company manufactures in the UK.

The Best Method Feeder Mixes For Fishing – Tank Test

Our highly researched and comprehensive range of complex Groundbaits / Method mixes has been developed using only the finest quality ingredients

Boosting Your Method Mix With Pallatrax Naturals

We, as anglers, appreciate the use of the Method Mix and how devastatingly effective it can be, causing fish to gill feed and attract other fish into the baited area. But have you ever thought about giving your mix an added boost?

Carp Fishing at De Karperhoeve in Oosterlo, Belgium

Pallatrax’s Simon Pomeroy got some much needed fishing in earlier this year whilst on business in Belgium visiting the Pallatrax Associated Fishery; De Karperhoeve in Oosterlo.

Pallatrax Hidra – Black and Small Snails and Water Mussel

ur Hidra range continues to catch wherever we fish them and is it any real surprise? The natural format of snails and water mussel.

There’s Barbed Hooks, There’s Barbless, Now There’s Gripz

Currently the Pallatrax Gripz are available in three sizes (6, 8 and 10) within the Wide Gape pattern and these will be joined by new sizes; 2, 4, 12, 14 and 16 in August this year (2017).