Catch More Fish TV

Reel Adventures will show you various members of Team Pallatrax taking our unique and innovative products far and wide and proving that our products and tactics really do help you to catch more fish.

As genuine innovators of baits and product ranges, there is always the need for an element of clarification. In essence, innovation needs explanation.

Within our Hints & Tips video library we will demonstrate the reasoning behind our range’s development and how you can use our products to increase your catch rates.

Then Reel Adventures will show Pallatrax Team members off on their angling adventures to various venues, both in the UK and abroad, putting our baits and tactics into practice.

Glugging Freezer Baits

Pre-drill freezer baits prior to immersing into the Glug to harden and boost them.

Dip Your Rig

Dip your complete rig - Stonze and hookbait - into the Glug.

Making Bug Paste

Combining our Dried Naturals and Neutral Glug to make bug paste.

Method Mix Tank Test

Stonze weights are the perfect method feeder. This video shows the Naturals-packed method breaking down.

The Stonze Rig System

Simon introduces you to the ever effective and most consistent Stonze Rig.

Rehydrating Hidra Black Snail

A short video clip showing a Black Snail from our Hidra Bait range being re-hydrated (footage sped up, of course!) Pallatrax’s ground breaking range of Hidra natural food source baits are packed with protein and nutrients which fish require in their daily diet and, therefore, find hard to resist! Professionally dried to retain their quality, they are easily rehydrated to become a devastating multi-species bait, which can be hair-rigged or hooked. Simply immerse in water, we recommend from your chosen venue, prior to use (times will vary depending on water temperature and size of Hidra e.g. large Brown Snail will...

Easily Catch More Fish With Pallatrax’s Stonze

The genuine reasons to fish with our devastatingly effective, innovative and environmentally friendly Stonze fishing weights to easily Catch More Fish, be it carp, barbel, tench, bream, chub, perch and other species: The planet's most effective natural fishing weight as it removes the largest piece of your terminal tackle, which is man-made, and replaces it with a natural stone weight Shown to increase catch rates as fish do not associate a Stonze weight with danger Stonze are non-toxic and environmentally friendly compared to toxic lead, which is now facing a ban due to its toxicity An incredibly effective method...