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The vast majority of boiled baits (boilies) are round, which is purely down to the machines used to manufacture (a round shape is also the easiest and most cost effective shape to produce). In reality anglers are ‘forced’ to use round shapes just because of this manufacturing process and not because a round shape has any other significant benefits. When you then further delve into the pros and cons of a round bait you realise that it leaves many reasons to question and in trying to answer those proves that other bait shapes have a real place in our angling – for whatever species. The following are a few reasons why we developed and frequently include Squabs within our tactics – some Pallatrax Team members will not fish on a round shape under any circumstances!
  1. A Squabs has four corners which can give anti eject benefits especially when compared with the smooth shape of the standard boilie.
  2. We know that fish are acutely aware of their surroundings so if the majority of anglers are using a round shape is it not a good idea to seek to fool them by using a bait that is a totally different shape – we believe it is!
  3. Effective shape for wrapping Paste around – one of our favourite and most effective tactics.
  4. It is only in boilie fishing that such a round shape is relied on whilst in the majority of other angling situations the shape is far from being so uniform – cheese, bread, paste, naturals, meat, the list goes on and on.
  5. How many times do you know see featured anglers chopping down their hookbait into a different shape – why?
  6. What food source within the fishes diet is round?
Squabs are a genuine alternative and allows the angler to have a proven option that when you think about it really does make common sense.
We’ve always recognised that there are far more genuine bait and feed alternatives to the ‘go to’ boilies that many anglers today totally rely on and that’s where our ‘Naturals’ range comes into play. Just remember that all fish feast on the naturals that mother nature provides in her food chain and to embrace and work with that fact can give fantastic catches when other bait options may struggle. If there was a Daphnia bloom or Waterfly hatch we have given ourselves options within our baiting strategies that feature such naturals and can be used to instigate feeding as a real food source and natural attractants, plus with products like our Brown Snails etc you are able to use on the hook or hair. Using naturals within angling has been recognised for thousands of years so it seems somewhat strange that many within the modern angling scene don’t use naturals as a genuine option. To ignore means that you will be missing out on a tactical approach that it could be said is the most obvious part of angling ‘common sense’! By adding the dried naturals to our groundbaits we can easily get naturals introduced and working within our swims. The inclusion at higher ratios within colder fishing conditions means that the groundbait will ‘explode’ as the air within the naturals pulls the mix apart – a fantastic edge and the reason for great success on many winter sessions.
There are two answers to this question, one that revolves around an extremely successful tactical angling approach (The Stonze System) and the second being down to our concerns about such products being an issue within the environment, let me explain further: The tactic – The largest and, therefore, most obtrusive piece of your terminal tackle is most likely your lead and in today’s ‘modern’ tactics the leads are considerably bigger than ever before. Using such a man-made product you have to acknowledge that a fish, with incredible sensory perception, has the ability to easily recognise that such is unnatural and, therefore, can put them on edge i.e. spook them. We only have to look at the successful match angler who knows that by scaling down can result in more bites as the fish, though pressured, find scaled down tackle harder to detect. This fact alone made it imperative for us to design a weight that does the same job in most situations as the traditional lead but somehow better – enter a weight made from natural stone, that isn’t a flawed attempt at camouflage but just part of a fish’s environment. Not only do they do the same job, but they also have unique benefits that a lead can never have. Making leads was never in our plans, far from them, and what we have ended up with is a big part of why our tactics catch time and time again. The environment – This has always been a sticking point as for years we have pointed out that leads are made from a toxic product that the World Health Organisation is trying to eradicate from our daily lives, especially our children’s, due to it’s toxicity. The issue has been highlighted across the world for genuine reasons but for some reason the fishing industry has been slow to acknowledge, even with the facts pouring in. Even worse, certain circles within angling has promoted tactics that have caused tons upon tons of lead to be jettisoned to now lie within the substrate of many waters – not good for the future we suspect? Though frequently attacked for taking such a position, the tables are turning with a proposed directive within the EU to remove lead from angling as soon as possible. There is an issue, it’s always been an issue and unfortunately will continue to be an issue with so much lead recklessly dumped irretrievably within water courses around the world – shameful, but true. It’s not about winners or losers, it’s about acting responsibly to the facts and protecting the very environment in which we fish and for only the right reasons. With this latest news we would find it incredibly irresponsible if angling does not accept and promote the phase out of lead – there are many non toxic (the clue was always in the name!) alternatives out there all of which will do the same job – some actually far better!
The base design behind our exclusive Glug range was to produce a high attract and versatile dip that was as thick as possible but at the same time could be manipulated to achieve other tactical approaches. The trouble with many dips is that they are ‘watery’ and any attraction can soon dissipate when immersed in water along with the fact that such a make up limits the options they can be used for. The following are some of our Glugs recognised attributes though we are the first to admit they are somewhat of a blank canvas with new uses being discovered regulary by experimenting anglers – the only downside is it can be a tad messy!
  1. Immerse hook baits to create boosted baits through the enhanced flavours and sugars found within the Glug.
  2. Immerse frozen baits which then absorb sugars resulting in a shelf life bait i.e. they will last within the Glug for years!
  3. Due to sugars baits will harden when left in the Glugs over time, an excellent benefit when fishing in Cray infested waters.
  4. Due to the thickness of the Glug it stays around your hook bait noticeably longer than thinner versions, leaking off attractants into the swim.
  5. Dip your hook bait into the Glug, retrieve and then coat with anything from maggots to micro pellets – a serious edge.
  6. In it’s original state our Glugs are PVA friendly
There are some very good reasons why our tactics should always include the option to have a short rig and such led us to the main design behind our Stumpy Rig ranges. Though longer rigs certainly have their time and place we have found that such short set ups are by far the most consistent within the majority of situations. We also have the benefit of our natural Stonze weights that alleviate any concerns that a short rig might give by lying adjacent to, or on top off the man made lead!
  1. Bite detection – The shorter the rig can give far better bite detection, something that can be a real issue when using longer rigs. Once hooked the fish has very little room to manoeuvre before indication will be given.
  2. Anti tangle – Tangling of our rigs can be one of the most frustrating things to happen and result in spending hours wasted fishing with a tangled and ineffective rig. Short rigs can easily be prepared to take away any concerns of tangling insuring a well presented and effective set up waiting to bag that dream fish!
  3. Method fishing – If you consider that the Method tactic is a key element within any serious and successful match anglers armoury you will realise that they fish with very short rigs. The Stonze Systems base design incorporates using the Method wrapped around the Stonze combined with the Stumpy Rigs resulting in an unbelievably effective and easy to use approach – ignore short rigs at your peril!
The Green Apple is an internationally recognised award given to selected companies having been judged by an independent panel to have produced a environmentally positive product that has the ability to lessen damage to the worlds environment. Our Stonze were selected due to their natural qualities especially when you consider that most fishing weights are manufactured from lead a product that is now subject to a directed phase out within fishing due to its toxicity. It will certainly be a proud day for us all when we attend the Houses of Parliament later this year to collect the award in person where there is also every chance that we will be selected for further world wide recognition – we’ll keep you updated.
Pallatrax was, and always will be, designed around an understanding of fishery management and the need to appreciate the natural environment especially in regards to water quality. We are proud that various products unique to Pallatrax walk hand in hand with these basic principles including Gripz, our bait ranges and never forgetting our patented Stonze weights which have won independent environmental awards both in Europe and North America. We believe all companies that supply our sport must work hand in hand with the environment for both the good of our angling and the waters we fish within.
With fish being in a moribund (semi hibernation) state in colder water conditions we would always suggest consideration be given to a high attract hookbait soaked in one of our enhanced Glugs, whatever flavour is chosen. With bait being such a personal thing it will always come down to angler confidence and with that we have great success with our Jungle range throughout the winter. It has a powerful essential oil (clove) as well as high flavour levels of Tigernut and Peanut flavours which can certainly stir your quarry into action!
We would always ask that you check with the staff at any fishery especially as Gripz is a totally unique hook design. All fisheries that we have shown the Gripz to have embraced the design due to the fact that it has been produced with fishery management and fish safety in mind – as well as being incredibly effective for the angler, in essence a win-win situation!
I would not recommend black treacle as you will find it would not mix correctly. You need bulk molasses and I would suggest that you go to an animal feed supplier where you will find pure molasses sold in gallon containers and it is not expensive. I mix a good cupful with water in a bucket first before adding to the dry groundbait. It makes a lovely brown, textured mix. Tony Miles