Paul Adams had a quick overnight session

Paul Adams had a quick overnight session

Team member Paul Adams had a quick overnight session on Sunday before having to go to work.

Paul had opted to use our Stonze and Gripz hooks combined with our Hidra range of brown snails gouged in a Krill based dip.

Fishing tight to some marginal reeds it wasn’t long before Paul had a nice hard fighting carp of 28lb on the nose.

With a nice wake up call of a 16lb 14oz again on the snail it was a good start to the day. Just as Paul was about to try and get some sleep before heading off to work his middle rod tore off and he was into his final fish of the session which was a nice 20lb 4oz carp although this one didn’t put up as much of a fight as the other fish due to it only having half a tail.

We don’t insist that our team uses all of our products so for example if they only want to use the bait they can, if they only want to use certain terminal tackle they can so it’s really nice when one of the team gives us feedback on a product they are using.

Paul said that the Pallatrax Gripz hooks that he’d been using for a while “still seemed as sharp as when he first took them out the pack. So many hooks blunt so easily but these pallatrax ones are definitely a cut above the rest”. This is great feedback and just goes to show that our hooks which are surgically cut in the manufacturing process (we believe that this gives you a sharpness that can’t be beaten by sharpening) are not only sharp but stay sharp too.

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