Piotr And Dawid Are Racking Up The Fish Over In Poland

Piotr And Dawid Are Racking Up The Fish Over In Poland

Amongst all the debarckle and debate going on about whether or not an 83lb fish should be claimed as a British record we again have some news of our own to report. Apparently if I understand the fish in question weighs 83lb and ounces and was caught in a UK water and may or may not be a fine healthy specimen ? Many things I have trouble understanding, what I do understand that whoever that angler is he should be congratulated for the capture, Well done fella as we at Pallatrax would say, Happy Dayz.

On the subject of congratulations Piotr and Dawid are still racking them up despite the temperatures dropping over in Poland and from different venues I understand. For these guys they do just take it all in their stride and enjoy doing it. Well done too you both and the team they really are just setting their own records and it’s good to see the regularity they appear to be able to achieve these results. No debate, no debarckle just fellow anglers enjoying a sport.

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