Fishing Baits

Pallatrax Fishing Baits

Our exclusive and innovative baits ranges are made from scratch within our own bespoke UK based factory thus ensuring total control of all aspects of their manufacturing to guarantee their high quality.

These comprehensive bait ranges have been developed to be extremely effective and consistent for the angler whilst also being safe for water quality, fish, and fisheries.

Pallatrax has official Animal Feeds registration (GB071E4804) ensuring we comply with DEFRA legislation and are only using ingredients that are safe and of benefit to the environment.

Within our boiled bait ranges we do not use any synthetic binders or cheap bulking agents and only use ingredients of the highest calibre and fresh eggs.

Along with the traditional round Boilie we also produce our Squabs range of boiled baits which are ‘pillow’ shaped with four corners giving them excellent anti eject properties and further benefits, especially in relation to fish that may be wary of the round shape.

Whatever coarse species you fish for, from Carp through to Barbel and Tench through to Chub we have a high quality selection of baits and attractants, with a undeniable pedigree, designed to catch you more fish, whilst being mindful of the delicate environment we fish within.