Glugs (Bait Attractant)

Pallatrax Glugs

Probably the stickiest and thickest bait dip on the market!

Pallatrax’s unique and high attract Glugs are extremely thick and sticky so they will adhere well to your baits. A wide variety of hook baits can be ‘glugged’ dispersing an intense cloud of attractants and flavours into the bait’s immediate vicinity. Due to its viscosity, our PVA friendly Glugs will remain around your hook bait far longer than thinner bait enhancers.

You can also dip a Glugged hook bait into products like our Naturals Powderz to further enhance your bait.

Also, if your fishing a water plagued by Crayfish, we have found that pre-soaking (and pre-drilling!) your Boilies or Squabs in the Glug hardens your baits and so the Crayfish can’t steal them – whilst still remaining completely fish-friendly and digestible.