Ingredients, Flavours, Base Mixes

Pallatrax Ingredients, Flavours, Base Mixes

The physical attributes of each individual ingredient, their quality and overall impact, is what truly makes a great quality bait. Poor quality and unregulated ingredients can only mean one thing, a poor quality bait that not only fails the angler but also the environment.

By only using the highest quality and regulated ingredients we can assure our customers that you will only receive the best we can offer. This in turn allows our ingredients to be used to create not just good baits, but fantastic baits with consistent performance and only a positive impact on the environment they are fished within.

Whether it is a base mix to design your own successful baits or flavours and attractors to boost bespoke hook baits we have it covered here.

Please note that we comply with Animal Feeds registration (GB071E4804), just another way to emphasise the high standards of these ingredients.