Squabs (Pillow Boilies)

Pallatrax Squabs are a distinctive, unique and innovative bait presentation. As anglers, we’re always looking to find edges that will help us to increase our catch rate, and our Squabs can certainly do that. The main advantage of our pillow shaped Squabs are their non-uniform shape, giving a superb edge against fish that are wary of round baits.

These baits, having four corners, result in a format with excellent anti-eject properties and can be both hair-rigged and banded on. A further genuine benefit is that due to their shape, particularly in flowing water, they will hold position instead of rolling down stream.

Our ground breaking and exciting range of shelf life and frozen Squabs have been developed after many years of research and thorough, rigorous testing programs. Incorporating only the finest ingredients and proven fish attractors, the catch results of these baits speak for themselves.

Shelf life Squabs are available in Jungle (tigernut and peanut) and Crave (Crab, plum and cranberry).

Frozen Squabs are available in Jungle (tigernut and peanut), Crave (Crab, plum and cranberry) and Multiworm (bloodworm, silkworm, earthworm and mealworm).

Available in 14mm and 18mm, 400g and 900g bags, and larger bulk deals where not only will you save on price per kilo, but also receive FREE products.

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