Pallatrax Frozen Squabs

A high quality bait is one of the key factors to a successful catch rate, and our range of frozen Squab baits offer the discerning angler just that.

Handmade fresh within our modern UK based bait factory, our comprehensive bait ranges include only the finest fresh ingredients and proven fish attractors that can be successfully used all year round.

We believe the ultimate proof to any good bait is its consistent performance on the bank and our baits have now accounted for literally thousands of big fish, both home and abroad, including carp in excess of 87lb.

Through the baits’ design fish quickly identify with their core ingredients and recognise the baits as a supplementary food source resulting in even more bites as well as being of benefit to the fisheries’ general biomass and water quality.

Pallatrax Frozen Squabs are a distinctive, unique and innovative bait presentation. As anglers, we’re always looking to find edges that will help us to increase our catch rate, and our Squabs can certainly do that. The main advantage of our pillow shaped Squabs are their non-uniform shape, giving a superb edge against fish that are wary of round baits.

These baits, having four corners, result in a format with excellent anti-eject properties and can be both hair-rigged and banded on. A further genuine benefit is that due to their shape, particularly in flowing water, they will hold position instead of rolling downstream.