Gamma Fishing Line

Your time on the water is too valuable to be compromised by your line’s performance.
The fishing line that delivers it all:

Higher breaking strength for diameter
Casts longer with accuracy
More natural presentations
Supple and abrasion resistant
Low coil memory

  • 0 out of 5

    GAMMA – 100% Fluorocarbon Transparent Leader

    GAMMA’S 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material has increased flexibility, suppleness and strength while retaining its natural refractive qualities, making it virtually invisible under water.

    £14.95 £7.99
  • 5.00 out of 5

    Gamma High Performance Co-polymer Fishing Line

    Pallatrax have the European EXCLUSIVE distribution of this ground-breaking fishing line.

    £31.95 £28.75

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