GRIPZ Fishing Hooks

Pallatrax Gripz Fishing Hooks Range (Coarse and Carp Fishing Hooks)

Better Than Barbless Fishing Hooks?

Made from superior grade Japanese wire, the major innovation is the introduction of a series of minute horizontal grooves on the inside of the specially designed arrow-shaped ‘cutting’ fishing hook point.

These grooves provide a secure hold in the fish’s mouth when pressure is applied. As soon as the pressure is removed the hook returns to a barbless fishing hook format allowing for easy and safe removal.

For years we have only had the two design options of barbed and barbless fishing hooks, but now we have a genuine third alternative which we know will give the user huge advantages over these historic designs.

The Best Coarse Hooks and Carp Hooks

Like all Pallatrax coarse and carp fishing products they have been especially designed for their true environmental benefits alongside angler satisfaction.

Gripz Fishing Hooks Special Offer

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