Gripz Curve Shank

Pallatrax’s unique Gripz design of hooks has been one of the most innovative product ranges to emerge onto the angling scene in recent years. Up until the launch of this hook design anglers have only had the choice between barbed and barbless, but that is no longer the case with the launch of Gripz – a genuine third hook design.

The uptake by anglers seeking to find a hook design better than barbed and barbless has been phenomenal and the fact that Gripz has also won international recognition for their fish and fishery safety benefits only adds to the positive reviews of this amazing range.

With several more patterns currently in development, we have now added the eagerly anticipated Gripz Curve Shank pattern into the collection and, with incredible field test results, we know that these hooks will only add further recognition to this hugely successful and rapidly expanding range. Like other Gripz hooks, the Curve Shanks pattern is needle-sharp via the cutting point manufacturing process, as well as being incredibly strong and super-efficient.

The patented Gripz grooves, which give the design their name, allow for a superb hook hold when under pressure, but then the hook is easily and safely removed once the pressure is released. The Curve Shanks, in a dull finish, is now available in sizes 4, 6 and 8 and will undoubtedly find favour within the design of several carp rigs, especially those anglers who use the highly successful ‘Ronnie’ Rig design.