Gripz Hair Rigs

Pallatrax’s unique range of 4-inch long hair rigs is hand-tied in England using only our quality rig components, including the revolutionary Gripz hook design, to produce an extremely versatile range created to help you, the angler, to catch more fish.

The Gripz hooks are a genuine third hook design above barbed and barbless and the only hook design to be awarded international Green Apple recognition for their fish and fishery safety benefits.

These rigs have been specifically designed to give a host of proven benefits including clear and early bite detection, a firm hook hold, anti-tangle properties and excellent presentation. The different hook link materials and hook patterns are extremely successful for use in the majority of angling situations.

The range consists of eighteen rigs made from Steamlink (our exclusive coated hook link material), Braid and Fluorocarbon and offers a choice of Gripz hook patterns; Wide Gape, Curve Shank and Straight Points, in sizes 6 and 8.

Your rig design, and its efficiency, is one of the most important aspects to a successful catch rate and these rigs have a proven track record in doing just that.