Gripz Ready Tied Hair Rigs

Pallatrax Gripz Ready Tied Carp Fishing Hair Rigs

Pallatrax’s exclusive range of 4” long hair rigs are hand-tied in England, to exacting standards, using our high-quality rig components, including the unique and revolutionary Gripz hook design, to produce a versatile and incredibly effective range of rigs. These rigs have been specifically designed to give a host of recognised benefits, including clear and early bite indication, a firm hook hold, anti-tangle properties and excellent presentation. The different hook link materials and Gripz hook patterns are extremely successful for use within the majority of angling situations. Your Rig design, and its efficiency, is one of the most important aspects to a successful catch rate and these rigs have a proven track record in doing just that.

All of our Gripz ready tied rigs are completed with a universally compatible size 8 swivel and our own proprietary Serious Shrink anti-tangle sleeve.

*By utilising a natural Stonze as your weight the concerns over a manmade lead being too close to you hook bait, and spooking the fish, is removed. This has allowed us to shorten the rigs length which then gives a host of genuine benefits including; clear and early bite detection, excellent presentation, a firm hook hold and anti-tangle properties.