Naturals Bait

We at Pallatrax, and as anglers, believe that we should give fish what they actually need to eat and not what we think they want to eat, which is why we have developed the Naturals Bait Range.

The Naturals Bait Range enables the angler to offer naturally occurring food products in a convenient format including Pellets, Powderz, Dried, Hidra, Glugs, Boilies, Squabs and Pastes.

The Hidra, Dried and Powderz Range are 100% NATURAL.

The Pellets, Glugs, Boilies, Squabs and Pastes are not artificially coloured or flavoured – they are made by incorporating 100% Dried Naturals with human grade, fish-friendly ingredients creating highly nutritional and top quality baits, which fish instantly recognise as a food source.