Stonze Weights

Pallatrax Stonze Lead Free Stone Fishing Weights

Non-Toxic and Environmentally friendly

By using our natural Stonze fishing weights, we have removed the many concerns that are associated with your lead weights or method feeders – predominately the largest piece of terminal tackle and, therefore, the most obtrusive to the fish’s senses which they can associate with danger.

Our natural Stonze fishing weights are international award-winning including: Best New Product at ICAST – USA, Best Environmentally Friendly Product – Outdoor Canada Magazine, and the Highly Acclaimed – GREEN APPLE AWARD for environmental sustainability.
The Stonze Advantages:

  • Proven to help catch more fish
  • Exceptional method feeder
  • Naturally unobtrusive
  • Genuinely camouflaged
  • Internationally award-winning
  • Patented
  • Porous so will take on a water-based flavour
  • Environmentally friendly

Available in Swivel versions (using a size 8 swivel bonded into the Stonze with a non-toxic resin), and Back Stonze (weed clip and super 8 connectors) to cover the majority of angling situations.