Rehydrating Hidra Black Snail

Rehydrating Hidra Black Snail

A short video clip showing a Black Snail from our Hidra Bait range being re-hydrated (footage sped up, of course!)

Pallatrax’s ground breaking range of Hidra natural food source baits are packed with protein and nutrients which fish require in their daily diet and, therefore, find hard to resist! Professionally dried to retain their quality, they are easily rehydrated to become a devastating multi-species bait, which can be hair-rigged or hooked. Simply immerse in water, we recommend from your chosen venue, prior to use (times will vary depending on water temperature and size of Hidra e.g. large Brown Snail will take about 4 hours in water at room temperature).

Those anglers who love to experiment can also add flavour/dye to the water resulting in a truly unique hook bait.

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