Reid and Benjamin Breton used our Gripz over in Winnipeg

Reid and Benjamin Breton used our Gripz over in Winnipeg

Team members Reid and Benjamin Breton used our Gripz over in Winnipeg, Manitoba to great effect in their yearly local Urban Fishing Derby.

We will pass you over to Reid for an account of the day…

Pallatrax’s Wide Gape size 4 was a game changer for us in this year’s local Urban Fishing Derby. The event is held on a wild waterway in the heart of our city. Benjamin, my youngest son, became a repeat champion in the Youth Division (15 and under) and I was able to rise a spot to take second this year in the Open Class.

With a field of over 300 anglers, this competition is a solid test as it’s limited to 4 hours and people are fishing right on top of you. Especially when you catch a lot.

83 fish were landed in total during the event, with Ben landing 9 on 10 runs, his largest being a Common measuring in at 71cm. (Over 10% of all fish landed during the competition).

I did well myself landing 6 on 7 runs with my largest measuring 79cm. My oldest son just missed out on the podium with a fourth place finish in the Open Class, landing 4 Commons on 6 runs.

I did a horrible job of taking pics, it was a crazy day and I was more concerned with fish care than documenting the day with my phone as we were constantly overwhelmed with people crowding over us.

The fish pictured was actually my second largest of the day and the only fish we were able to get a photo of, my 79cm Common was part of a triple-header and was released immediately after official measurement.

All fish were caught with Gripz Wide Gape size 4 with sweetcorn on a hair rig utilizing a very light and simple running rig. Fished on a bed of prepared bird seed very tight to the shoreline to mitigate intrusion by other anglers.

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