Rich Shaw with a 62lb Mirror from Lac les Pin, France on Gripz and Stonze

Rich Shaw with a 62lb Mirror from Lac les Pin, France on Gripz and Stonze

Catch Report in from our very own Rich Shaw: “Finally the time had come around for a return trip to Lac Les Pin in France. One of the first times I ventured there was one of my first using STONZE and Crustacean Cocktail, so my expectations were a little high. I did have a target in mind and it wasn’t just a PB I was hoping for a 50+ Common and if I could manage to average a fish a day that would be enough. It’s not a runs water by any means but can produce some stunning and memorable sessions. Bait choice was restricted due to fishery rules, I went armed with glugged hardened hookers. The fishery bait was mostly sick mixed and fed to likely spots with a bait boat. The fishery pellet was steamed to create a pellet method mix and fishing commenced. I got of to an early take on the second day from a marginal spot at about 100- 120 yards, that fish managed to use the weed to evade me, in fact I dropped four takes from that area each time changing set uo from large inline stone to light inline then medium swivel to finally a 2 1/2 oz on a weight clip loosely fitted rubber so it could drop if need be. In the very early hours of Thursday morning that finally delivered my biggest fish at 62lb. Earlier in the week apart from me dropping fish Nick managed a 46 lber from the deeper section on the Dam Wall. Both of these fish caught using Poms hand tied and blessed LQ rigs and Wild Crab boosted hookbaits.


The other little treasure of the week for me was a zip linear which is one of five the owner had added as target fish a year ago so he was more than happy to see one on the bank to check on their progress and at the mid thirty mark this one is doing well and was partial to an LQ riq baited with a 10mm jungle squab topped with a yellow pop up soaked in peanut overspray and dipped in water fly and spirulina powder. (Thanks Sue for that one!). The weather was very challenging and the swim was unusually quiet but these things can happen and not having anywhere to move to doesn’t help.”

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