Richie Spracklen – the catching continues!

Richie Spracklen – the catching continues!

Richie Spracklen was here right at the start of Pallatrax and with all those years under his belt he continues to catch so many fish on our tried and tested tactics, products and bait. Richie really is further proof to our consistency and here he is with another beautiful fish of 24lb.

Richie’s tactics yet again consisted of Gamma mainline, the Stonze System wrapped in our Daphnia and Maggot Crush with a few personal tweaks to it. Rig consisted of our superb combi rig hook link material, 25lb Steamlink, with a Pallatrax hook and 18mm Crave freezer bait on the hair (Fruity Plum, Wild Crab and Cranberry on our exclusive fishmeal base).

Well in, Richie, and we will no doubt be seeing you here again before too long!!

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