A Short Friday Night Carping Session

A Short Friday Night Carping Session

I started by pre-baiting on the Wednesday as seem to find about 12-13 fish mill around an outlet out of the wind. I sprinkled 12 boilies in front of the inlet and returned an hour later and they had been eaten. I then spread some of the Pallatrax course pellets and chopped boilies and instantly Is a tail on it, so I knew this was where I was to target the fish. I see one a good 16+ and a nice sized common. The fish only go to 26lb so knew this was one of the bigger fish!

I returned home to get some stuff ready as I always travel light for an over nightery, I arrived at the lake at 16:50 sorted the rods and rigs out and then got the tent up walked round to the spot trickled a hand full of boilies and pellets and sat back….. 20 minutes later the right-hand rod rattled off and had a 12lb common. Re cast and then 5 minutes later it rattled off again, but the hook pulled. Retied a rig and got it back on the spot shortly after that the swim went quiet. I went to bed about 11:30 and was awoken by a twitchy take on the left-hand rod of which I put a hinged stiff rig and a pop up had it on the Gripz hook and a Stonze weight and I lost that one.

I recast and 30 minutes later it rattled off again. I had another common of 12.5lb. recast that and the then right-hand rod went off again a 10lb mirror. I then had another run off the right-hand rod and had another common of 11lb. By this point it was 6 am I hadn’t got much sleep. I woke up at first light and had a look at the water and recast the right-hand rod and had been in the water for about 10 minutes and I had a very strange and slow take. The swinger was dropping back slow and then pulling tight and dropping back. So, I left it for another minute and then it tweaked up again, so I wound down and struck into it, as soon as I hit it I knew it was a nice fish started to waddle in. I then got the net underneath it and I looked into to see my prize and I said that’s a 20! And it went 19.2 on the scales. That was in the jungle bait stone weight and the steam link. Very good bait and very good end tackle very happy so far working with Pallatrax and thanks for accepting me to the team…. Hope there is more to come.

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