Silver Surfer bottoms scales out at over 61lb!

Silver Surfer bottoms scales out at over 61lb!

There has been a plethora of incredible hauls coming in from the beautiful French Pallatrax Associated Fishery, Etang La Planchette, using Pallatrax products. Our Crave (Fruity Plum, Wild Crab and Cranberry on a Fishmeal base mix) and Jungle (Tigernut and Peanut on a Yellow Seed base mix) are really catching some huge fish from this superb venue and yet again the highly sought after and elusive common carp, the ‘Silver Surfer’, has fallen to our baits and the revolutionary Gripz hooks design.

Captor Michael had an incredible session with 5 x 40lb plus fish, 2 x 50lb plus fish and the Silver Surfer which bottomed out Michael’s scales at over 61lb!

Congratulations, Michael, an amazing haul from an awesome venue and a fishery that Pallatrax will be filming on next year.

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