Team Pallatrax in Canada – serious hauling.

Team Pallatrax in Canada – serious hauling.

It is great to have more team members hailing from Canada and special mention should go to our newest members Galen, Vince, Brendan and Dan. The interesting things here is that we met through our appreciation of natural weights, as they film a lot of underwater footage and the Stonze can easily be noted for the genuine advantages that they are over the obtrusive man-made weights. Since our initial meetings, they have really embraced not just our base philosophy but also why the products and tactics just make so much common sense. Their first order hit Canada and within days they were experiencing some incredible results.

Loads of fish landed, new personal bests and Galen and Vince winning the Canadian Carp Society’s latest match – with Galen taking honours for the largest combined weights total throughout the match. Stonze, Gripz, Steamlink and Jungle pop ups are working where ever they go.

Fantastic results, gentleman, so very well done, and I hope to be meeting you and sampling some of your awesome fishing before too long!!

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