Team Pallatrax

We are now looking for new members to join our ever growing group at Team Pallatrax.

Are you a keen and loyal angler who fishes regularly and want to join the ranks of one of the fastest growing tackle and bait companies in Europe?

Pallatrax offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for the right anglers with a growing range of unique and innovative products designed to both catch more whilst catering for the needs of the environment.

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Finding the team a good and friendly bunch willing to share ideas. I have changed my approach and feel in some ways gone back to basics and how I used to fish. I used to use method feeder most of the time and now solely using inline Stonze and gone back to this technique. The live feeds have been very informative and helpful. Normally at this time of year I would solely be concentrating on pike fishing but involvement in this group has given me the motivation to also carry on chasing the carp.

Team Pallatrax Member

Absolutely great team to be a part of, you guys have made me feel very welcome and have been on hand to answer any questions I may have had. Pallatrax has introduced me far more into the natural side of the baiting in my fishing and the products on offer are amazing. In hole the entire group of people you have selected already are a great bunch of guys and girls and again really appreciate the chance to be a part of the team. #teampallatrax

Team Pallatrax Member