Tench & Bream Fishing At Premier Fishery Wyreside Lakes

Tench & Bream Fishing At Premier Fishery Wyreside Lakes

Pallatrax’s ‘Man in the North’ has sent us this great catch report from his and angling partner; John’s, latest session on the Pallatrax Associated Fishery – Wyreside Lakes.

Kevin reported:

We arrived on Friday evening at 5.30 pm and according to weather reports heavy rain & winds were due to move in over the coming hours so it was a race for both John & myself to get the bivvies set up while it was dry! After a lot of running around and unloading the cars we were finally set up & just in time as the heavens opened and the winds grew to storm force – with fishing was out of the question so we decided to get some sleep and see what the morning brought

SATURDAY 22nd of July

We were up at 5.30 am to a beautiful sunny morning and decided to start the session. John was on peg 1 on the Rivers Lake and I was on peg 3 ,we both decided to fish different methods with John decided on the Stonze System using a 1oz inline Stonze and a 3.5 inch Stumpy Rig comprising of a Steam Link g with a size 10 GRIPZ hook. John’s hook bait of choice was 14mm Pallatrax Jungle Squabs and Pallatrax Carp Crush Method Mix wrapped around the Stonze .

I decided to fish the margins using a 2bb peacock waggler float fished straight through to a size 10 Gripz hook. Having plumbed the swim it was a depth of about 5ft. I set up my float to be fished at 5 foot 3 inches  so I was fishing 3 inches over depth. My hook bait choice was Pallatrax HIDRA black snails flavoured with Pallatrax Meat Beast Liquidz.

I started by laying a bed of Bloodworm & Maggot Crush which included hemp & chopped snails but John was the first to catch with a pristine common carp weighing just over 6 pound but shortly afterwards my swim came alive with a large number of FI carp falling to the Hidra Snails. At the same time John was catching some stunning bream on the Jungle Squabs. After catching a number of F1’s I was into my target species with the first Tench of the day, a female of 5pound. Things then just continued to get better and better and as the session progressed I bought 21 tench to the bank which included several fish of 7lb, one of 8lb 1oz and the crowning glory of the session with a new PB Tench, a female weighing in at a hefty of 10lb 2ozs – I was over the moon as my best previous tench was 9 pound 5 oz and a fish that held my personal best since the 70’s!

John also had an amazing day literally catching fish after fish with some high quality bream to 8lb and a mass of F1’s.

SUNDAY 22nd of July

We had been warned that the heavy rain was going to make a return at lunch time so we both decided to fish till 11am and then call it a day as everything had dried out and we didn’t want to take the risk of another good drenching! However, though only a very short session we were soon into regular action with more bream, F1s as well as John banking a stunning female Tench whilst I finished off with a 2lb 8oz eel.

Summing up:

I have been a tench angler for 46 years and in my opinion the Rivers Lake at Wyreside Lakes is the Tench anglers Mecca – a stunning lake in beautiful surroundings with a high number of specimen Tench, what more could the Tench angler ask for! Pallatrax baits and tactics again proving their value and showing just through the sheer volume of fish we landed how good they really are! The Hidra again needs special mention as this soaked natural bait format is simply devastating and though different from the modern bait scene proving that natural baits more than just have their time and place!

Kevin Taylor (Pallatrax consultant)

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