Terry Bell Stalking Again and Lands 16lb Common Carp

Terry Bell Stalking Again and Lands 16lb Common Carp

After my short stalking trip success yesterday, I decided on finishing work at 4pm and nipping to the lake again to see if I could winkle another one out in a couple of hours.

I had almost done a circuit of the lake before seeing a very subtle tail pattern a foot from the bank under a tree. Unfortunately I spooked that one creeping into position, so carried on around to another little spot I know. As I neared the area I could already see tell tale signs of carpy activity. I very carefully moved into position in a poke hole under a tree with just my rod and net and some Crave Squabs in my pocket. I lowered in my rig as before consisting of an inline stonze weight pulled over the end of a swivel to which my short 3 inch hooklink was tied with a size 6 Gripz hook mounted KD style and a piece of a crave squab then crumbled two 18mm Squabs over the top .

After a few minutes a dark shape could be seen in the murky water and it tipped up and started eating, whilst doing so giving me a view of its scale covered flanks.

He ate a few pieces and drifted off leaving me worrying that the rig wasn’t presented properly but I didn’t dare lift it out for fear of spooking any fish that were nearby. I needn’t have worried because just 5 minutes later he drifted back in and tipped up over the bait once again before the water lifted as he fled. I instantly lifted the rod and stopped him in his tracks. This was a real hit and hold situation due to the branches of the tree I was under entering the water just a meter away, but the hook held firm and very quickly he was subdued and drawn over the net.
I was made up to have landed the common that I had watched feeding and it was in great condition with beautiful dark orange flanks and a very distinct floppy tail.

16lb common both
It weighed 16lb exactly so not a monster, but I do feel that In modern carp fishing there is far too much importance placed on fish size and that’s sad because these carp in the lake I stalk are absolutely beautiful, very old English carp and they give me just as much pleasure as the bigger fish I catch.

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