Terry Bell’s Last Carp Fishing Trip on Godalming Club Water

Terry Bell’s Last Carp Fishing Trip on Godalming Club Water

With very limited time, a baby on the way and a very special syndicate ticket just started, I couldn’t justify keeping my Godalming club ticket, so here I was on my last trip to the water I have grown to love.

Arriving at 6pm and having to leave by 9am wasn’t ideal, but is typical of my fishing recently!

I set both rods up the same with Inline Stonze weights, 4 inch rigs, size 6 Gripz hooks and an 18mm Crave Squab. I made up a method mix using Bloodworm and Maggot Crush groundbait with added Waterfly, Bloodworm and Gammarus Shrimp from the Dried Naturals range and this was moulded around each stone.

The left rod was flicked under- arm out towards the middle of the lake and the right rod was fished down the right margin under the canopy of a tree.

Through the night I had 2 tench and then just on first light I finally hooked a carp (all on the right hand rod).

Terry Bell resized
I only took one photo as I was fairly sure this was the same zip linear stockie that I caught last week at 11lb. When the scales settled on 10lb 12oz I was almost certain it was the same fish again but when I got home and checked it is actually a different fish. (photo quality was poor due to the light levels).

When I arrived at the lake I had a romantic notion that I might catch the big mirror that lives in here and finish on a high, but that’s fishing and you cant choose what picks up your bait!


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