Terry Bell Freelines Surface Baits

Terry Bell Freelines Surface Baits

I fished two nights on my new syndicate ticket, which is beneath the flight path for Heathrow airport and very noisy!

One rod was cast out using the Stonze System consisting of an inline Stonze weight running on the line and a Size 6 Gripz hook and a 14mm Multiworm Squab and the other was the same but with an 18mm Crave Squab. After the first night of no action I moved into another swim that had become free and offered me access to the snaggy treeline where the carp like to be. Again, no action was had but I’m not disappointed as this is a difficult venue that has been fished by some of the best names in carp angling.

Once packed up I went home to get my stalking gear so I could pop to my local stalking water. I found a few carp on the surface straight away so I got out my rod which is set up to freeline (Just a size 10 Gripz hook and a hair) and quickly threaded 2 dog biscuits onto the hair and cast out to them. Within seconds I was into a fish. I landed a small common which was held up for the camera then released.

Heathrow carp

Around the corner and into the second swim , I was very quickly into my second fish again off the top. Once again it was a common, this time a very old dark fish which I didn’t photograph as it was not caught in a proper swim and I didn’t want to put the fish through unnecessary stress by moving it to another swim. I had the Go pro filming so the fish was briefly held up then released without weighing. Interestingly, with both fish, the hook had fallen out in the net yet again proving how good the Gripz hooks are. It’s amazing how much fun you can have by going back to the very basics of fishing and just catching a couple of fish on freelined surface baits.

Cheers Terry

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