Terry’s Tenching

Terry’s Tenching

This is the first catch report I have submitted after failing to catch my target species.

I have just returned from a 24 hour trip to a club water where I caught 12 tench with two during the night being around the 6-7lb mark.

Tench 1 resized

After having a conversation with Pom on the phone yesterday evening about my last trip in which I caught 13 or 14 tench and one carp, he said something that struck a chord with me. I am catching all these “nuisance” fish but I am still getting bites, which prove that I am fishing effectively!

Its been said many times before that if you can catch tench, you can catch carp.

The inline Stonze weight and size 6 Gripz hook proving deadly again and it seems that the fish can’t get enough of the Crave Squabs either!

Tench 2 resized

I am as guilty as anyone for dismissing tench as unwanted captures but on reflection, they are telling me that what I am doing is right. It’s easy to lose sight of this.



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