The Best Fishing Hooks On The Market

The Best Fishing Hooks On The Market

Okay the next product we would like to show you is our Gripz hooks. This will be a slightly longer than normal post as we would like to explain exactly why we are so proud of the design and why we think that they are the best hooks on the market.

We started out by doing lots of research into the limitations of both barbed and barbless hooks, as long as we can remember people have argued over the benefits and disadvantages of each. Looking at the designs of each there was an obvious need for improvement in both designs so we started along the path of designing a completely new design that would provide the hook hold of a barbed hook whilst being as easily removed as a barbless hook.

Before we looked at the design of the hook we wanted to make sure that the quality of the hook was second to none, looking at the materials we could use we decided on high grade Japanese wire which would provide a very strong and rigid hook to base our new design on.

Moving on to the radical idea that we had, based on scientific knowledge we created a series of small horizontal grooves in the shank of the hook, the grooves are where you would traditionally find the barb on a hook.

So what is so special about adding some grooves to a hook instead of a barb we hear you ask. This is where the science comes into it. When the hook is in the fishes mouth and pressure is applied from the fish giving you that fight that we all love to feel, the flesh from the fishes mouth is pushed into the grooves of the hook resulting in a very firm hook hold with no slippage.

Now for a very neat trick, when you have landed your fish and the pressure from the fight is removed, the flesh of the fishes mouth releases itself from the grooves and you can remove the hook as easily as you would a barbless hook!!

The hook point has also been designed in an arrow shape to be surgically cut in the factory so that they are the sharpest hook point you will find directly out of the packet whilst still retaining the strength of the rest of the hook.

We know that some see our products as gimmicky due to the radical nature of their design, we can assure you though that all of our products are thought out to give you the angler every advantage when chasing your quarry whilst at the same time limiting damage to the environment and where possible help the fish also.

Our gripz are no different, we are sure you have all lost fish due to barbless patterns or seen the damage caused by hook slippage or hook removal from barbed patterns. You may even have had to remove trailing rigs that are still in the fish due to barbed patterned hooks. If you have understood the reasons behind our design we have described above, you will see the incredible advantages that our Gripz hooks have to offer.

We offer our Gripz range in a choice of Wide Gape which is the same style as our hugely successful existing “The Hook” and available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16, we also offer our new Straight Point style which has proven very successful in testing and is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. We have also released a very successful range of Catfish / Predator Eagle Wave hooks in the Gripz range which are available in sizes 1, 1/0 and 2/0.

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