The Incredible Angling Advantages of Pallatrax Gripz Fishing Hooks

The Incredible Angling Advantages of Pallatrax Gripz Fishing Hooks

Historically anglers have only ever had two options when purchasing a fishing hook: either barbed or barbless. A barbed hook is named after the barb within the inside section of the hook point and barbless named by the lack of the barb.

So, what makes Pallatrax Gripz hooks so uniquely different?

Gripz have a series of small horizontal grooves on the inside section of the hook point where you would traditionally find the barb. When you are playing the fish, and pressure is therefore being applied, the Gripz’s grooves will come into play resulting in a secure and firm hook hold with no slippage (something that we see time and time again with barbless hooks). When you have successfully landed your fish, you can remove the hook as easily as you would a barbless hook and with minimal mouth damage!!

The hook point has also been designed with an arrow shaped ‘cutting point’ which is manufactured with surgical precision and results in what we believe to be the sharpest hook point you will get straight out of the packet. Whilst some manufacturers recommend in resharpening their hooks, this is something you will never have to do with a Gripz Hook!

Pallatrax Gripz Hooks currently come in three different patterns:

Wide Gape (Carp and coarse) in sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.
Straight Point (Carp and Coarse) in sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10
Eagle Wave (Catfish/predator) in sizes 1, 1/0 and 2/0

Gripz are priced at £4.95 per packet which includes 10 hooks (5 hooks for the Eagle Wave range).

Gripz are far better than barbless – it’s not just us saying this, with so many independent reviews and 1000’s of fish being landed on this hook design they give the user total confidence and satisfaction.

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The Main Advantages of Gripz Hooks:

– Patented grooves that allow the hook to hold securely in the fish’s mouth when pressure is applied.
– Gripz alleviates the concern of barbless patterns slipping and causing mouth damage.
– When pressure is released the hook is easily removed with minimal mouth damage.
– Manufactured incorporating a cutting point finish to the hook point section.
– Incredibly sharp hooks straight out of the packet.
– Made in Japan using only the highest grade wire.
– Multi species usage – including Carp, Specimen, Coarse, Match, Game, Sea and Predator.
– International Green Apple Award winner for safe environmental practice.

What Our Customers Think:

“Top quality, really sharp and retain their point, great hook hold. My first-choice hook”

“Started using the Gripz wide gape size 10 for floater fishing and must say I haven’t lost a fish yet hook holds are great with minimal mouth damage thanks for another great item from Pallatrax”

Find out more about Pallatrax Gripz –

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