The Incredible Hulk: A Legendary 400lb Mekong Catfish Unveiled in TopCats, Koh Samui, Thailand

The Incredible Hulk: A Legendary 400lb Mekong Catfish Unveiled in TopCats, Koh Samui, Thailand

The Incredible Hulk: A Legendary Mekong Catfish Unveiled in Thailand
The moment has arrived.

In the remote corners of southern Thailand, nestled on the picturesque tropical island of Koh Samui, an extraordinary event unfolded that would go down in angling history. It was the capture of the legendary Mekong Catfish, fondly named ‘The Hulk,’ a colossal freshwater fish that had remained hidden in the depths of TopCats Lake for over six years.

This magnificent tale begins with a fish that was introduced to the lake, supplied by our main fish supplier, Bird Aquatic, weighing in at a staggering 200 kilograms (440lbs), and for years, it eluded the gaze of eager anglers. Stories circulated of daring individuals who had engaged in epic battles with this mythical giant, with one angler claiming a gruelling three-hour showdown with the legend.

The protagonist of this remarkable story is Riccardo Graziotti, an experienced angler hailing from Italy. He was on a week-long angling expedition, staying in a luxurious Suite Bungalow. He seemed almost destined for what was about to occur.

As the sun began its descent on a fateful Friday the 13th, Riccardo cast his line from the Predator Corner Swim. Suddenly, his line came alive with tremendous force, and in an instant, he found himself locked in a titanic struggle. It was as if he had hooked the very bedrock of the lake itself, a behemoth that moved with immense power. The bottom of the lake was alive, shifting from corner to corner, and Riccardo was pushed to the brink of exhaustion. Even Paul, Topcats part owner and other Topcats guides had to take turns in an attempt to tame the relentless force of this aquatic mammoth.

After an astounding 90 minutes, the mythical beast was finally brought to the surface and gently netted. The onlookers breathed a collective sigh of awe as they laid eyes on this majestic creature.

To ensure the fish’s well-being, it was provided with oxygen for 20 minutes. Photographs were taken, capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment, and preparations were made to transfer the fish to an oxygen recovery chamber situated in deeper waters within the lake.

There was some debate among the onlookers, as the lake housed several large Mekong Catfish over 300lb. However, the unique body markings confirmed that this was, indeed, ‘The Hulk’—a fish that had become a living legend.

This remarkable catch not only brought fame to The Hulk but also unveiled the incredible angling skills and determination of Riccardo Graziotti. It’s a story that will be recounted with awe and admiration among fishing enthusiasts for years to come, reminding us all of the wonders that can be found beneath the serene waters of TopCats in Koh Samui.

For those asking about what tackle TopCats uses :

As standard, we provide a Century Excalibur cat rod with a 5lb test curve and a dependable Shimano 12000D Bait Runner reel loaded with 0.53mm diameter, (51kg) Gamma Polyflex line.

For general fishing, we use size 2 barbless wide gape hook, supplied by Pallatrax (with the Gripz version on track for release at the end of the year).

For Mekong Fishing we use a spring feeder or an in-line Stonze.

Rod Pods are supplier by Solar Tackle and Alarms are Delkim.

Boilies are made in house, with various flavourings, Pallatrax Jungle and Crave flavours the main flavourings that are favoured right now on the Lake.

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