There’s Barbed Hooks, There’s Barbless, Now There’s Gripz

There’s Barbed Hooks, There’s Barbless, Now There’s Gripz

Historically anglers have had only ever had two options in a carp fishing hook design, Barbed and Barbless – yes there are thousands of patterns of fishing hooks but these patterns are then put onto the two accepted designs. In truth, these two designs have become second nature and little thought, if any, has been made to seek to improve on these two formats that have been around for centuries. But what if……….?

Pallatrax has always looked to innovate, especially in regards to our terminal fishing tackle and baits, so with carp fishing hook patterns and designs being an obvious area for scrutiny we started to research on how to improve on Barbed and Barbless – no mean feat but where there’s a will there’s a way!

In essence, a barbed hook is named after the barb within the inside section of the hooks point and barbless named by the lack of a barb so this seemed the obvious area to research and develop a new design. In our studies, we found an exclusive and proven manufacturing process where we could get a series of horizontal grooves (Gripz) machined into the same area where the barb would normally be. These tiny grooves may appear insignificant to the naked eye but be rest assured they change the whole dynamic of the standard designs and result in genuine improvements that have been proven both within the field testing and since their launch in day to day angling situations.

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