Top Barbel angler Jerry Gleeson’s new Mersey PB on Stonze

Top Barbel angler Jerry Gleeson’s new Mersey PB on Stonze

The last 3 weeks of pre-baiting for Pallatrax Team member, Jerry Gleeson, has paid off with a new Mersey personal best in this hard fighting barbel of 12lb 8oz. Congratulations Jerry! Our Stonze weights,  Pallatrax Fluorocarbon hooklink and Pallatrax’s The Hook making up the successful rig – another big fish with a rig incorporating Stonze.
Stonze yet again proving an incredible advantage – possibly forgotten by many, but the last few times the British record Barbel was caught from Adam Mills was with rigs using Stonze as the weight – anglers there swore that this fish was ‘hoodwinked’ by Stonze as they could see it spooking off lead weights and feeders!

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  • Wes Hayden Reply

    I know this guy, friendly and helpful to mediocre fishermen like myself, He is definately a highly skilled fisherman with excellent watercraft and I was suprised how much attention to detail he uses just with regards to riverbed topography and waterlevels and tempretures, keeps a close eye on everything from conditions and even made areas safe for other fishermen who arrive following his catches (I presume) He has helped alot of local fisherman with his knowledge of the local Barbel populations, Ive met him on the bank only a couple of times and he has always been keen to answer my newby questions. Nice allround bloke and highly dedicated to his local waters. Well deserved record imho.

    10th October 2019 at 1:53 pm

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