Top French fishery bans lead to go Stonze only

Top French fishery bans lead to go Stonze only


Unfortunately some will believe this is contrived,which is not the case, actually far from it! I take my hat off to Adam and Whitney for taking such a forward thinking and positive decision in banning lead on your water from 2016. I know and appreciate you have made this decision based fully on a common sense approach to fishery/water management something that is your business, your life and your fisheries future. You have both embraced this approach through Dave Lidstone and Emperor Lakes and also seen the Stonze true angling benefits (above any man made weight) with the tons of fish, literally, caught on the unique Stonze System at Le Lac Du Peupliers this year. Congratulations! Pom.

An interesting article was brought to our attention that concretes our decision of banning lead at Le Lac Du Peupliers next year. Therefore we will be a Pallatrax Stonze-only water from 2016 onwards. The Pallatrax Stonze are made from natural stone pebbles, completely non-toxic and are used by anglers as a natural part of the environment on the lake bed.

The press release by the EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle Trade Association) on the 24th Sept 2015 has called on the industry to voluntarily stop making, importing and selling some fishing weights made with lead. Check out the full press release.

Having read various articles and studies regarding lead contamination in carp waters, it has been found that there can be several physiological effects on the carp: –

  • Decreased movement
  • Increased heart rate
  • Higher blood glucose levels
  • Effect on kidneys and intestine
  • Increased deformities and reduced hatching success in eggs and larvae, especially at lower pH levels
  • Eggs & larvae are more susceptible to lead-contamination

This decision is key to our values here at Le Lac Du Peupliers, we aim to create the best water quality that we can provide for our carp, helped by our anglers conforming to our rules.

We wouldn’t accept lead-contaminated water ourselves so why do we do this to, not only carp, but all fish species in our waters?

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