Etang la Planchette

The beautiful lake of Etang La Planchette is 8 acres in size & set in 20 acres of private land & nestled in a tranquil Valley of rural countryside set in the Lorraine region which is listed as an area of natural beauty.

The Lake is situated on a gravelled bed and is well stocked with carp in excess of 50lb. It’s full of snails, swan mussels, bloodworm and daphnia, which makes for a great environment for the fish, plus a large variety of natural plants, wildflowers & trees surround the lake.

There are 5 large gravelled swims that hold a maximum of 6 anglers (two sharing the Island swim) at a time giving anglers plenty of room to enjoy their carp fishing in peace. The fish that are stocked in this lake include big mirrors, commons & grass carp along with some couple of large sturgeon.

The lodge has an English flush toilet, wash basin & shower which is available 24 hours a day. There is also a diner, bait & tackle shop located in the lodge which sells end tackle and baits. They also sell ice-cream, chocolate, crisps, baguettes, clothing, batteries, sun tan lotion, beer, wine, and if they don’t have it they will gladly get it for you. There is also an area that you can charge up your phones, computers/ tablets and bait boat batteries etc.

There is an onsite English & French speaking bailiff (Tim Hodges) who is very knowledgeable about carp fishing and is there if you need any advice.

Some of our Fish