Sunset Lakes

Sunset Lakes – Isle Of Man

Sunset Lakes is the first and only commercial coarse fishery on the Isle of Man. With 5 lakes, including a carp lake, a tench lake and a match lake, we have something for everyone. In addition to the lakes we also have a large café, fully stocked tackle shop, four modern holiday cottages, a children’s play area and an education centre.

Everyone is welcome here at Sunset Lakes, from seasoned anglers right through to complete novices. Our Fisheries Team will do their best to make you feel welcome, and have a trip to remember. Sustainable and responsible fishery management is at the core of our values, and over the coming years we hope to turn Sunset Lakes into a must visit angling destination.

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As the Isle of Man’s first commercial coarse fishery, Sunset Lakes prides itself on setting the standard for sustainable and environmentally friendly fishery management. The products supplied by Pallatrax allow us to provide our anglers with quality tackle and bait that has a positive impact on our lakes and our fish.

TimothyFishery Manager - Sunset Lakes