What Are The Best Fishing Hooks?

Best Fishing Hooks

What Are The Best Fishing Hooks?

As anglers, we all know the importance of a high-quality hook and until now we have only had the choice of two designs, Barbed and Barbless – but that’s all changed!

Pallatrax has developed a genuine third design with the Gripz hooks which cater for the majority of species and tactics. From Specimen Carp and Barbel through to Predator and Match Fishing, Gripz hooks now give a next-generation hook design which really are on another level.

Yes, that is a huge statement to make but when you see the incredible amount of anglers converting to, and catching on, this new design and the huge number of positive reviews we receive then you can’t fail to be impressed.

So what makes Gripz hooks so special compared to the standard designs of Barbed and Barbless? Made from the highest-grade Japanese wire resulting in an incredibly strong hook the design further benefits from the cutting point manufacturing technology in producing what we believe to be the sharpest hooks straight from the packet – no need to hand sharpen these hooks!

But the real difference is the series of minute Gripz grooves on the inside of the point which results in an incredibly firm hook hold and removes the concerns of the hook moving or skipping within the fish’s mouth, and therefore potentially causing damage.

These grooves are of such an advantage towards fish and fishery safety they have been awarded an International Green Apple Award for their environmental benefits.

As anglers ourselves, we can promise you that this design is like no other, and whatever species you fish for or tactics you use the Gripz will give you advantages like no other hooks within angling!

Discover Gripz Fishing Hooks here – https://www.pallatrax.co.uk/our-products/gripz-hooks/ 

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